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New SOFINA Base Essence and SOFINA BEAUTE series
Skin regeneration comes true simultaneously
SOFINA Base Essence
There are about 20 million micro carbonic acid bubbles in one dosage
SOFINA Base Essence can keep your skin in healthy condition.
It is beyond the skin care area. With the ultimate high concentration of micro carbonic acid bubble, it can revitalize the vascular reactivity, improve skin cell metabolism and enhance basic skin power so as to strengthen the penetration of the subsequent use product.
Your skin looks like newborn skin, full of moisture, compact, soft and smooth.
The first step after cleansing is to apply SOFINA Base Essence and then use lotion and cream subsequently, such 3 STEPS can maximize your skin care effect.  From now on, please change your skin care habit from the basic to revitalize vascular reactivity, so that your skin can be improved from the "fundamental" and achieve the skin regeneration simultaneously.