SOGO Rewards仲夏樂賞FUN」活動條款及細則

  1. 8/8/2018(周三)12/8/2018(周日)期間,參加者凡登入指定網站(,提供正確及有效的SOGO Rewards會員號碼、其登記之手提電話及3組正確的密碼組合,即可享抽獎機會1次。
  2. 每會員號碼只可登入指定網站參加此抽獎活動1次及只限中獎1次。
  3. 抽獎將於17/8/2018舉行,結果將22/8/2018(周三)刊登於星島日報及英文虎報,並於SOGO Rewards手機應用程式及崇光百貨網站內公佈
  4. 額外積分將於31/8/2018(周五)自動存入得獎者之合資格會員帳號。得獎者可自行登入SOGO Rewards手機應用程式查閱積分結餘。
  5. 此活動須受其他SOGO Rewards計劃內之條款及細則約束。
  6. 如有任何爭議,崇光(香港)百貨有限公司保留最終決定權。


“SOGO Rewards Summer Bonus FUN Mission” Terms & Conditions

  1. From 8/8/2018 (Wednesday) until 12/8/2018 (Sunday), participants can enter the lucky draw game upon provision of a correct & valid SOGO Rewards membership number, the related registered mobile number and the correct 3 sets of secret numbers on the designated promotion webpage (
  2. Each membership number can enter the game on the designated promotion webpage once and win the prize once.
  3. The winners will be drawn on 17/8/2018 and the Lucky Draw result will be announced on Sing Tao Daily, The Standard, SOGO Rewards mobile app and SOGO website on 22/8/2018 (Wednesday).
  4. Extra Point will be credited to the winners’ eligible member’s accounts on 31/8/2018 (Friday) automatically. Winners are advised to check the rewards by his/her own via SOGO Rewards mobile application.
  5. The terms & conditions in SOGO Rewards Programme will be applied on this promotion.
  6. In case of any dispute, SOGO Hong Kong Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.