SOGO VIP購物周積分獎上獎」活動條款及細則

  1. 2017929(星期五)2017108(星期日)期間,SOGO Rewards會員凡登入指定網站(提供正確及有效的SOGO Rewards會員號碼及其登記之手提電話,即有機會獲贈額外積分獎。
  2. 合資格SOGO Rewards會員必須於獲享額外積分獎同日,於崇光憑相同之登記SOGO Rewards會員號碼購物並賺取積分,方可獲享SOGO Rewards額外積分(額外積分獎包括:3/ 5/ 10SOGO Rewards額外積分)
  3. 會員必須於購物付款前向崇光職員提供所屬之SOGO Rewards會員號碼,方可獲享額外積分。付款後,顧客亦可自行核對會員號碼清晰地列印在崇光百貨所發出之單據上,以作最後核對之用。如付款前未有提供會員號碼以作紀錄,積分均不能後補,則當自動放棄有關交易所獲之積分。該項交易將不計算在是次推廣活動內。
  4. 每名會員每日最多可參加此活動1次。
  5. 於推廣期內,每名會員最多可享10次額外積分獎,並最多可獲贈額外200,000 SOGO Rewards額外積分。
  6. 額外積分將於20171031自動存入合資格會員帳號。會員可自行登入SOGO Rewards手機程式查閱積分結餘。
  7. 所有資料以崇光後台SOGO Rewards會員系統及網站之終端機顯示為準,參加者不得異議。
  8. 會員須妥善保留機印發票之正本以作日後憑證。如未能出示相關發票,其得獎資格將有可能被取消。機印發票如有遺失或損毀,恕不補發。重印發票恕不接受。
  9. 所有獎品不可兌換現金。
  10. 不獲享積分的貨品/服務之消費不可參加是次推廣活動。
  11. 所有取消或退貨的交易,均不能參加是次抽獎。若獎品已發出,崇光百貨亦保留收回已發出的奬品之權利。
  12. 此活動須受其他SOGO Rewards計劃內之條款及細則約束。
  13. 如有任何爭議,崇光(香港)百貨有限公司保留最終決定權。

“SOGO VIP Shopping Week Extra Point Giveaway” Terms & Conditions

  1. From 29 September (Friday) to 8 October 2017 (Sunday), SOGO Rewards Member can have a chance to win Extra Point Prize upon provision of a correct & valid SOGO Rewards membership number and the related registered mobile number on the designated promotion webpage (
  2. SOGO Rewards Member will be rewarded for Extra Point (Extra Point Prizes include 3X / 5X / 10X SOGO Rewards Extra Point) only by making eligible purchases and earning Point of designated amount on the same day of winning the Extra Point Prize with the same SOGO Rewards membership number.
  3. Member must provide his/her membership number to SOGO staff before payment for earning Extra Point. Members could always find his/her SOGO Rewards Membership Number printed on the SOGO Sales Memo or the thermal paper Credit Card slip for final checking. If Member did not provide his/her membership number to our staff before the transaction closed, we shall regard he/she gives up the Point earned from the particular transaction.
  4. Each member can enter the game once per day.
  5. Each member can enjoy the offer for a maximum of 10 times during the promotion period and entitle to a maximum of 200,000 SOGO Rewards Extra Point for the whole promotion period.
  6. Extra Point will be credited to the eligible member’s accounts on 31 October, 2017 Members are advised to check the rewards by his/her own via SOGO Rewards mobile application.
  7. All information will be recorded according to terminal operating system of SOGO Rewards and online website.
  8. Members shall keep the original copy of the sales memo for verification. Winning qualification shall be removed in the case if no relevant sales memo is presented for identification. Sales memo will not be replaced if lost or found defaced. Re-printed copies of sales memo will not be accepted.
  9. All prizes shall not be cashed out.
  10. Sales for items excluded from Point earning shall not be eligible for this promotion.
  11. Any cancellation or refund of transaction shall not be valid for the lucky draw. Even upon prize redemption, SOGO still reserves the right to withdraw the prizes.
  12. The terms & conditions in SOGO Rewards Programme will be applied on this promotion.
  13. In case of any dispute, SOGO Hong Kong Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.