Staying Active By Staying At Home

So how do you stay active when you are stuck at home? Being the foodie that I am, cooking and baking are actually great workouts if you ask me. I know you might think that I am lazy – which I confess to – but all that muddling and stirring have to count for something right?


To fight the heat and also to keep myself from being a complete couch potato, I have bought all the apples I could carry (all different kinds too!) and brought them home to cook up a feast. Thank god for SOGO because they carry essentially everything I need (and want… cannot carry everything…sad…). This time I just decided to buy a whole lot of apples, since it is such a versatile ingredient and I have been wanting to try a couple of recipes out.


The first is a refreshing cream of apple and carrot. Here I sautéed a few Fuji apples, onions and carrots to release all the flavors, blend them together, and just added cream afterwards to give it that silky texture. The proportion between each ingredient is something that you can decide based on your preference, and the finished product is sweet heaven. If you are looking a light meal, this soup is perfect!

I also did an apple salad (I know I know it looks like a stack of pancakes) with a mixture of Orin and Fuji apples. All you have to do is thinly sliced your apples, drizzle a neat stack with yogurt and lemon juice, and then put the cherry on the sundae with some bacon bits and walnuts around the plate. Don’t be fooled by the presentation, you can do plating that’s just as impressive at home. Keeping things light during the summer is essential when it comes to cooking meals, and this eating habit helps especially if you want to be active still despite the heat. With that said, I do need some meat in my life.

For my main course, I did a pork chops with apple dish. Again, simple and delicious. Fry the pork on both sides slightly and then put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 12 minutes. While you wait for the pork to cook, prepare a delicate side of sauté apples with white wine, balsamic vinegar, sugar and honey. Make sure you are multitasking so the food won’t just sit around getting cold!

Finally – dessert! With such great apples, the best way is to do a simple crumble to let the fresh fruity flavors really shine. If you love ice-cream like I do, a scoop on top never hurts.

So there you go! A 4-course meal celebrating one great product, and an afternoon of me hustling in the kitchen. I feel like I did a solid workout for sure, and now I can eat all the food you just saw! Trust me, do some epic grocery shopping and DO try this at home, results guaranteed.


Where you can find all of these apples? SOGO for sure!
Address: B2/F Freshmart, SOGO Causeway Bay



Rose Chiu
Born and raised in HK, also known as @fatasslovesfood, the girl who eats her way to success. She has Interned at Foodie, Maximal Concepts, iPick and now freelancing as a copywriter and PR & Marketing person at various companies.

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