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I find myself reminiscing high school memories whenever people mention shopping departmental stores of the 80’s and 90’s in Causeway Bay. Back in those days, I had to endure a long bus ride just to get to school, hopping off the bus mid-route on the return journey to rush to the washroom. As it turned out, the most conveniently located washroom just so happened to be in Causeway Bay in SOGO. Haha!

Apart from that, I had another reason for visiting SOGO. As I attended an all-boys school, my friends and I would find all ways and means to style ourselves fashionably – so we could get the girls, of course! And one of the places we frequented regularly in SOGO was the Japanese bookstore. At that time, it was the ‘in-thing’ for guys to give away photographs of themselves to girls as keepsakes. Inspired by the male fashion models in Japanese magazines – we went so far as to adopt the same hairstyles as them, and then posed for the camera with these stylish, Japanese-inspired looks.

Since becoming a designer, I’ve learnt a lot about the craft from Japanese designers. They possess a keen fashion instinct, purse a high quality of life and pay attention to details, which I respect them for. I’ve always said that design skills are hard to master. But what’s even harder to cultivate is a good aesthetic sense. Acquiring good taste in design requires a certain amount of instinct, insights and experiences on the part of the designer, and it’s not something that can be easily taught. Last but not least, It’s important to read widely in your spare time, because every tiny bit of knowledge and experience you gain will play a role in your future creative endeavours.  


Photo taken at Asahiya Bookstore of SOGO CLUB 11/F, Causeway Bay


Ken Lo
Founder of BLOW Agency. Graduated from HKU SPACE Community College in Visual Communication and won the Champion of “Design Student of The Year” presented by Hong Kong Designers Association. After graduation, Ken joined CoDesign and Alan Chan Design Company as Designer and Senior Designer respectively.

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