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Growing up, I used to live in Causeway Bay, and hence, SOGO has always played a huge role in my life, filling it with an endless array of joyous moments that I still hold dear! I may now live in another part of Hong Kong Island, but I still feel that lasting bond to my other ‘home’. I must admit, I’m quite the frequent visitor of SOGO, even just for a casual walk-around. Beside my warm memories, the convenient location is another reason I’m so enamoured with SOGO! With a total of 19 floors, you can find anything you might ever need, right there! I like the variety of products, brands and styles at SOGO, all of which are trendy, yet of the highest quality. That brings out the spirit of gifting in me, too!

I’ve been such a busy bee recently, running my own business On Air Collective, as well as my Little Bao restaurant. When your daily mode is set to “work, work, work”, like mine, then you know how to make each and every minute count. The same goes for shopping! I set myself a time limit of 2 hours to find, choose and buy all that’s on my list, regardless the item: from the latest fashion grabs, to sports outfits, kitchenware, homeware, presents. It’s more than easy to get them all sorted out in SOGO!

Last Saturday, I went to SOGO to purchase gifts for a birthday and a wedding, and of course I had to spoil myself a bit.


Alexander Wang

First up, I visited Alexander Wang on 1/F! Do you have any idea how much I value clothes? Every single day, I meet a diverse group of clients, business partners and friends. Imagine this: inside my wardrobe at the office I have sets upon sets of formal clothes, evening dresses, casual wear, etc. Just to give you a brief idea of the clothes galore! Alexander Wang is one of my favourite brands, as his designs are stylish and sophisticated – they live and breathe femininity! Every time I walk in the boutique, I find a piece that wows me and, in the same time, transforms me into a devil that wears Alexander Wang. I believe that every girl should own a piece of Alexander Wang!

Selected (1)

Alexander Wang Long coat (Blk/wht) FM CKL002 $8,500

White handbag with hardware FM HHB007 $5,400

Mid-heel sandal FM SHH001 $4,800


Alexander Wang Handbag– Mini Lia L (Pink/Blk) $5,400



Kenneth Cole

The first time I noticed the Kenneth Cole brand was in Chicago – just as I was looking for a pair of easy-to-wear, yet stylish boots for FW. I was ecstatic when I found out that the brand is now at SOGO! As a PR and creative director, my job is to discover the latest trends in the city, and walking in a pair of comfortable footwear drastically reduces my stress levels. The moment I tried on their signature Slim Fit white shoes, I simply refused to take them off! Made out of calf leather, they are soft and comfortable beyond imagination, and the best partner for mixing up your style.



Lately, I’ve also been busy moving houses. To me, my home is my ultimate re-energizer. My lounge is an area for total relaxation, so I’ve eagerly been adding a bunch of mini-terrariums and art pieces to it. At home, I enjoy starting my day with a light but energizing breakfast, and a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. On weekends, I’d rather stay in and, over a cup or two of coffee, listen to my all-time favourite records. And so, I decided it’s time for a new coffee machine!

When I saw the red Nespresso machine, I was simply blown away. Red is my lucky colour and it also represents ‘sexiness’, which I’m all for!


Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 5.00.01 PM

Nespresso Coffee professionals are set upon discovering quality coffee farms all over the world, and choose unique coffee beans of the highest quality, producing smooth, aromatic limited-edition flavours. This autumn, Nespresso releases Cafezinho do Brasil! Immerse yourself in those luring Brazilian flavours!


Wedgwood & Baccarat

Stepping into the big 3-0, an increasing lot of my friends are getting married and having kids. Even though my job as PR makes it hard to remember all that, Facebook, thankfully, always has my back, reminding me of my friends’ birthdays and special events!

Let’s be honest – we all love celebrations but buying presents is quite the nerve-wracking task, isn’t it? The older we get, the pickier we are about our own style. Hence, finding a present to suit every person and every occasion is quite the task!

Luckily, SOGO has a delegated an entire area to homeware and kitchenware! I needed no more than 30 minutes to decide on the present for my friend!

Wedgwood’s latest ceramic tea set comes with premium tea leaves – surely it’s perfect for my tea-loving friend’s 30th!

Wedgwood & Bentley Lady Elizabeth Tea Set $63,000 set

The entire WEDGWOOD & BENTLEY collection, just as the WEDGWOOD & Bentley Lady Elizabeth Tea Set encompasses 250 years’ worth of English craftsmanship. The majority of their tea sets and kitchenware use deluxe materials of the highest quality, all made in England!


Wedgwood has just released a brand new collection- “Tea Garden”, which has a modern look to it. “Tea Garden” has 4 different flavours and fruit teas, along with some vibrant, alluring colours.

3pcs set: $1,300/set


I also found vases from the French brand Baccarat, no less than perfect for my mum!



5 style mattresses – Sheridan

When selecting homeware and home decor, I get very fussy. My experience at Upper House in Admiralty, wearing the luxurious bathrobe, wasn’t easy to forget. Since then, I set my expectations very high when it comes to my homeware and decor. In search of a new mattress and bedroom products, such as towels, pillowcases, bed sets, etc., I only look for certain brands. I love Sheridan products – they offer Australia’s only locally-produced goods. The towels are thick, soft and extra absorbent, while the bed sheets are stylish – a perfect blend of modern and vintage. There are so many choices, I often contemplate getting more than one!


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