SOGO’s Top 7 Shopping Tips for Thankful Week!

Thankful week is here again! *Cannot hide my shopping excitement*
Time to shop in style without being left out-of-pocket, unless I go wild, that is… 🙂

Date: 11/11- 27/11

It’s the time of the year when I let my inner shopaholic takeover but without leaving a hole in my pocket. Thankful week gives me all the right reasons treat myself or sweep gifts to thank my loved ones at home! What makes SOGO Thankful week such an attraction, is whether you’re on a budget, looking for an inexpensive wardrobe basic or just feel like a day of shopping, SOGO delivers some of the best retail windfalls for anything you are looking for and reduced prices for bargain hunters. Brands inside of SOGO will introduce smashing deals to help and keep your retail therapy going. If you have a love for style and an eye for a bargain, here’s SOGO’s top 7 Shopping tips during Thankful Week!

1.     Create your Shopping list!

It is always important to prepare and plan what you want to buy before your trip to SOGO during Thankful week. There are so many options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming. Remember that there are daily promotions happening during Thankful week, so be sure you know what day offers the best prices for the products you wish to buy!

You can check out the SOGO Thankful week catalogue from or at SOGO Facebook page to find out about the available offers.

I have created my shopping list already!

1)      Biotherm face wash – for myself
2)      New pair of running shoes (Nike, Adidas) – for myself
3)      Furla handbag– for my wife
4)      MILK TOP ice-cream (Freshmart) – for my son

Shopping list

2.     Know where you need to go!

Remember to identify the location of the products and plan your own shopping route! It will be very busy during Thankful Week, the most efficient way of getting through the crowd is for you to know exactly where you want to go! So plan ahead of time!

1)      Biotherm face wash – B1/F CWB & TST
2)      New pair of running shoes (Nike, Adidas) – 4/F CWB
3)      Furla handbag – 2/F CWB & G/F TST
4)      MILK TOP ice-cream (Freshmart) – B2/F CWB & B1/F TST

3.     Download the SOGO Rewards app!

The must-have shopping app during Thankful week! Not only will you have the Thankful Week offers at your fingertips, you can also register as a SOGO Rewards member. By verifying your SOGO Visa Platinum/Signature Card, you will automatically gain 1,000 Point more! Take advantage of this special promotion now and gain a head start on your SOGO Rewards Point collection!

Welcome Gift + By verifying SOGO Visa Platinum/Signature Card = Before shopping, you have earned
2,000 Points Extra 1,000 Points 3,000 Points

Slide24.      Remember your SOGO Rewards membership number!

You will need to have your SOGO Rewards membership number to record your points for every transaction. Remember your membership number by screen-capping or writing it down, to avoid missing out the opportunity to get those precious SOGO Rewards Point!

Remember that every 10,000 Point is a $50 SOGO Gift Certificate!!


5.     Come during less rush hours! (Weekdays afternoon)

It’s always a good idea to arrive around opening times so you get the first shot at the fresh stock, but what is more important is to shop during less rush hours. We suggest Monday to Friday afternoons for those who have work hour flexibility. But if not, how about coming around during lunch time if you are close to SOGO, it can be a quick lunch, go and shop!

6.     Wear something comfortable!

Get prepared to do a lot of walking and digging to find the best possible deals. You may be spending a day there, so wear sneakers, loose tee shirts, jeans and certainly no high heels!

7.     Bring a large recycle bag and bring a friend!

You may be amazed by the price slashing discounts that will fire up your spending appetite. To avoid being too clumsy with multiple plastic/paper bags, try bringing a large recycle to contain all your finds! Also bring a friend with you for quick advice, he/she will be so helpful when you are faced with a high wall of gift sets!

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