Matching with your loved one this Christmas!

Christmas is particularly important to my boyfriend and I, as we spent our first date shopping for a Christmas tree at the flower market. I didn’t buy him anything special for Christmas then, because we were not officially together. Now that we have been dating for 11 months, I have really got to know his preferences which is making things a lot easier when it came to present-shopping. So, this December month is not only Christmas to us, it is something more special; our first-year anniversary!

We usually spend a lot of our time eating together. As it’s the festive season and with our anniversary coming up, it was the perfect opportunity for us to head to SOGO for a shopping spree together!


[Matching colour]


With plenty of parties and occasions upcoming during this festive period, there are a number of ways to dress like a couple without wearing the standard matching outfits. If you are looking forsimplicity, refined cutting and texture, Calvin Klein Jeans would be the perfect place to start. They offer a whole spectrum of shades in the same color, which subtly matches yet gives a sense of individuality at the same time. If you are a fan of the colour blue, you will absolutely adore the range of blue inside the Calvin Klein Jeans store.IMG_8260 2

CK Jeans’ designs are simple and fashionable, my boyfriend also loves their skinny jeans for its slim cutting and flexibility.pic

You don’t have to wear the exact same thing to match – wearing similar tones in different styles or even the same brand can work too!



[Matching patterns]

Christmas is a special time of the year when you can go all out on your outfits. You have to make an extra effort to not disappear in front of a bright, sparkly & colourful Christmas tree.  Understandably, not everyone likes to dress extravagantly and for those who thinks less is more, there is a choice of modest, yet Christmassy, print pattern range from Tommy Hilfiger.

Stripes for him and stars for me, but matching in colour. Check out the matching stripes in the shirt collar and the grey sweater he’s got. These small but very important details are what makes your money worth it.

IMG_8282 2

IMG_8275 2IMG_8336


My boyfriend chose this starry denim bucket bag for me, its great fit to match my star pattern sweater.


[Staying warm together]

We have already travelled 3 – 4 times though we have only been together for 11 months, I’d say the travels has definitely been some of the best memories we have together so far. Next February, we have plans to go somewhere snowy, so we visited Aigle to look for warm waterproof jackets. Aigle’s jacket is very durable and their styles are timeless.
Suggestion: Wearing the same brand with your boyfriend can definitely help you pinpoint each other even with your ski mask on. And doesn’t it feel extra warm knowing that you are wearing the same coat as your loved one?


IMG_8296 2

IMG_8302 2

I love the slim fit and colour of this Aigle’s jacket, so adorable!


[Christmas gift for your loved one]

Buying small gifts for each other at Christmas is romantic gesture, especially when you use them making the full use of your gift.  Calvin Klein Accessories has high quality leather with very practical designs. You can match it easily, for casual and work wear. Seems like we both have something in mind already, don’t hesitate and come find your perfect gift for loved one!
IMG_8317 2



IMG_8310 2IMG_8306


Brands can be found at the following floor inside SOGO CWB!

Calvin Klein Jeans 3/F SOGO CWB
Tommy Hilfiger Denim 3/F SOGO CWB
Calvin Klein Accessories 1/F SOGO CWB & G/F SOGO TST

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