SOGO x Jarryd Tam – Create Your Own Sweet Home


A good friend of mine just recently moved to a new place and of course it’s time for to pick for him a house warming gift.

He might already be considered lucky to have bought a cozy place with 128 sq feet in Hong Kong, but soon after all the essential furniture have arrived, there is really not much space left. So what can I buy him, that matches his taste and practical at the same time? Ever since being the host of “Own Sweet Home,” I’d say a challenge like this one isn’t all that difficult for me!



Since he is not born with a silver spoon, work can be quite demanding, his home is the main place for him to relax and have some me time.


I would pick this multi-purpose Oregon fragrance lamp, place it on the bedside which acts both as a lamp and an aroma diffuser.


Match it with lavender and lemon scented essential oil, lavender helps release stress while lemon and stimulate metabolism and body slimming, it already sounds perfect for his wife.


I found out that they only use broom at home to save space. As the broom cannot reach some tricky spots, I think this Philips upright vacuum cleaner would better help him clean and satisfy his storage limitations, since is so slim! You can also take out the vacuum section to use it as hand-held vacuum cleaner, it is very convenient for cleaning around the house, especially the sofa corners where all the cat fur is!


For other stand up vacuum brands, Dyson is also a perfect choice!


It has strong vacuum power, but the connector must be changed manually for hand-held vacuuming.


Time to take a look at the kitchen, his wife loves to cook occasionally.


From the picture you can already see there is a lot going on in the kitchen, is rather difficult to find a space for chopping foods, let alone baking.


Luckily I found this 18 in 1 multi-function cooking pot! This German Pool invention is able to perform all the cooking you can think of – from rice cooking, deep-frying, hotpot-ing and even baking! I was quite amazed by it!


Can it possibly make a pineapple sweet bun if I put a pineapple inside?


I discover that he uses a scrub for shower even though he has sensitive skin, I heard that he would even damage his skin with the over scrubbing.


So even this JVG showerhead would be perfect for his body conditions.


It has built-in filters specialize for filtering out chlorine, and surprise surprise, it is also vitamin C infused!


How can his skin not get better and smoother with this shower head!


Last but not least, to give more personality to his house, these Greeting Cards & Gifts displays would be a great choice.


If you do not already know, horse and elephant characters can actually boost career and wealth! And with the parental feel of the decoration, it is truly a blessing from me for a harmonious marriage to both of them.


PS: Perhaps without this experience, I would never have found out how convenient and easy it is to shop in SOGO. It is a breeze for guys like me who just need to buy all the needed items in one go. I know where I need to go next time I need to shop!

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