Design Creatives are particular characters who pays a lot of attention to details. They see the beauty in all aspects of life and are not afraid to be different!


Homebody‘s place home and comfort as number one on their list, spending most time there, enjoying a quality life behind the scenes. Don’t worry about not seeing them though, they do show up when it counts!


Gym rats are avid fans of the gym. They train intensely and they’re all about their health and looks. Gym rats are fly as hell!


Fashionistas stay on top of their trends. Taking care of their appearance is top priority! Fashionistas are also jet-setters, who look far and wide to sharpen their cool edge.


Wanderlusters can never sit still! Jet setting from one country to another is their forte. Their expansive knowledge on the world makes them super fun and if you say adventure? They’ll be there in an instant!


Cool moms are the ultimate caregivers, the masters of multitasking – they are are able to manage their family’s needs, fitting in some alone time, as well as keeping themselves looking pristine and cool.


Hipster Foodies scour far and wide for the most interesting eats. No matter how far the location – they’ll be there in an instant!