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Sun Care Collection
Up to 96% natural ingredients, with global innovation 3D PRO-ALGAE®; its light and non-greasy texture offer stable and effective protection from the sun, photoaging and moisturization. 3 different skincare functions: oil balance, anti-spot and anti-wrinkle, and after sun product are available. They exceed the protection percentage suggested by the European Committee. All are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and are water resistant.
1. 3D Pro-Algae  patent number :20160100314
2. The European Committee recommends that UVA protection offered by a product must represent 1/3 of UVB protection and indicated in a circle on the product packaging.
3. Clinical studies under the supervision of a dermatologist on 20 women with photoaged skin, aged 30 to 55, conducted on 3D Pro-Algae®, twice a day for 28 consecutive days.
Moisturizing Face Mask With Aloe
With 94% of natural ingredients, it offers intensive hydrayion, soothes and calms irritations and revitalizes skin, ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin.