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Chantecaille Bébé
Introduces a new way to care for your baby: a pure, plant-powered line of COSMOS certified organic skincare and bath-care products mothers will covet—and perhaps use themselves. Wild Moss Rose is the key ingredient in Chantecaille Bébé, helping babies’ fragile skin adapt to their new environment and continuing to nurture them as they grow. Parents may also find themselves drawn to use the products as they feel exceptionally luxurious on the skin.
Each product in the Chantecaille Bébé line is plant-pure and certified organic according to the internationally recognized COSMOS standard. COSMOS upholds the highest standards of organic and natural cosmetics from start to finish, using a comprehensive certification that involves a review of the product’s total environmental and human impact. Bébé products are all allergy and dermatologically tested; gluten, soy and wheat-free; PETA certified cruelty-free and free of any chemical additives, phthalates, SLS, or dyes.
WILD MOSS ROSE BODY LOTION (99.34% Natural) 120ml
FLOWER PETAL HAIR & BODY WASH (98.35% Natural) 120ml
ORANGE BLOSSOM FACE CREAM (99.63% Natural) 50ml