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Nina Ricci

Two by two, these girls form an alliance, under the banner of friendship. You are my other self, you inspire me. We’re inseparable, together, we write our story in a flowing hand, deliciously. While being unaware that, one day, they will become Nina and Luna Blossom, for Nina Ricci. Just so genuine.
A bottle whose delicate elegance derives its source from the history of the Maison Nina Ricci. It is the worthy heiress of Fille d’Eve, and a contemporary, Parisian reinterpretation of the bottle designed by Lalique back in 1952. A delicate, gleamingly violet apple with the vibrancy of fuchsia. A satin collar ardently encircles its neck, while two leaves of gold are set to rustle after the slightest breath. An efflorescent, luminous bottle, devoted to Luna Blossom, Belle de Nina. It has all the freshness of the world’s first morning.
Nina Luna Blossom EDT Price Range
HK$430/30ml, HK$610/50ml, HK$750/80ml