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Quality, Design, Innovation Since 1921

Three simple words to describe a world full of perfection. A story of success going back to the year 1921, developed in an era full of excitement and incentives. This period is influenced by important inventions: an appliance revolutionising kitchen life is also invented in 1921- the refrigerator. The first BERNDES pot was created right at the heart of this historical context and in this atmosphere of curiosity and sheer experimentation. The following decades are characterised by constant and sure growth.

In the fifties BERNDES, by this time a notable German brand, develops a revolutionary non-stick frying pan and in 1975 the first cast aluminium range is created. Thanks to highly modern solutions and innovative technologies, new cookware ranges gain the appreciation of customers throughout the world. Today the BERNDES network coverage Hong Kong, Japan, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA. This company history characterised by great achievements and ever growing successes will remain a guarantee seal for the future of BERNDES.

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