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From the excitement backstage to women all over the world, our Backstage Pros Lips collection unites a loyal fan base. Just try Lip Maximizer or Lip Glow once and you'll know it's a true essential!". Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup.

This year, Dior reveals an unprecedented secret from its backstage: the new Lip Maximizer star plumper. This already iconic product, best friend to makeup artists and a favourite among models, has been adopted by women on a daily basis. Today this ultra-care formula is released in new fresh shades with incredible effects – and above all, maximum shine!
The new irresistible addition to the Backstage Pros Lips family, Lip Glow To The Max provides the lip care formula of star Lip Glow in a dual-toned stick combining two radiant facets: one rich in captivating pigments, the other delightfully shimmery.