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Kenshoku Okinawa - Okinawa Moromi Vinegar (Red yeast rice with papaya enzymes) 900ml

  • Hot item in Okinawa. The modern secret recipe of Japanese traditional beauty! The healthy Okinawa black koji vinegar is added with red koji and green papaya essence. The black koji vinegar is extracted from the sake dregs during the Awamori sake brewing process. It is yielded from the fermentation of black koji fungus and yeast.

  • It contains organic acids, rich amino acids, GABA lactic acid fermented papaya extract.

  • It helps improve immunity and reduce visceral fat. It helps restore fatigue, promotes good sleep, and lowering blood pressure. Flavored with Okinawa's brown sugar for healthier and better taste!

  • Suggested drinking method: 1~3 cups a day, about 30mL each time. Mix with juice or dilute with water according to personal preference.

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