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MIKI HOUSE - Tableware Set (46-7092-848)

MIKI HOUSE - Tableware Set (46-7092-848)

Low in stock


Convenient table to baby food Clothes is a set (crockery).

Recommended for Baby Gift.


-Convenient tableware set compatible with microwave ovens and dishwashers.

(* Please check the instruction manual for the parts that cannot be used in the microwave dishwasher.)

Outer box size: W 28 x H 39.5 x D 10 cm


  • Soup Mug, First Plate, Rice Bowl, Food Container Body, Fruit Juice Potter, Mortar, Microwave oven available .
  • Spoon, fork, feeding spoon, hood container lid, sliding rod, squeeze net, grater, Cannot use microwave oven .
  • All except food container lid, strainer and grater Dishwasher available。
  • Heatproof temperature: 60 to 140 degrees (depending on parts ※)

Made In Japan

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