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Beyond Meat - Beyond Beef 160g

Beyond Meat - Beyond Beef 160g

Frozen, grocery and other products will be delivered separately. Please refer to Delivery Arrangement for more details.


- Vegan ground meat which delivers same versatility, meat texture and juiciness of ground beef
- Delivers complete protein with mung bean and rice
- Soy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO
- Easily shape into meatballs, burger patty or simply as crumbles in taco and pasta
- 20g protein & 0mg cholesterol per serving
- No hormones, no antibiotics
- Higher iron content than real beef

Frozen Delivery

In order to ensure food quality, we will separate the fulfillment of frozen food and standard goods respectively.

Free delivery for frozen food is available upon purchase of $600 (after discount).

Delivery fee of HK$90 will be charged upon purchase below the designated amount**.

* A tunnel surcharge of HK$170 will be charged for delivery to Discovery Bay.

** Example: If customers purchase HK$400 in standard goods and HK$200 in frozen food, $90 delivery fee for each category (total HK$180) will be charged

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