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SIXPAD - Foot Fit

SIXPAD - Foot Fit

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Technology is greatly changing our everyday lives

The future stands to become increasingly convenient, allowing us to accomplish more and more with little effort.

Nevertheless, walking is closely connected to our health. Despite taking up only 2% of the human body, the soles of our feet support our entire weight, while the the calf muscle is generally considered to have the important role of pumping blood up to the body whenever we walk.

Using our new technology you can improve the power behind your walking and getting one step closer to creating your own healthy future.



SIXPAD evolves with IOT*1. Visually verify the results of your daily muscle training.

Muscle training requires a commitment to continue exercising every day. For even more convenience and to ensure this all-important continuity, SIXPAD is now equipped with Bluetooth*2. By synchronizing SIXPAD with the smartphone app, you can visualize your muscle training session from start to finish, and have an even more enjoyable training experience in the days that follow. SIXPAD has evolved to become a piece of training gear that you’ll want to continue using even more.

*1 Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept in which everyday objects connected to the internet exchange data and use it to mutually control each other.

*2 Not included in Abs Fit or Body Fit.



Step 1: Sit down somewhere comfortable and place both feet on SIXPAD Foot Fit

Step 2: Long press『+』and adjust training level.(20 levels of intensity )

Step 3: Foot Fit will turn off automatically after the 23-minute program ends. 

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