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White Factor - Disinfectant Spray (Extra Strength) 100ml

White Factor - Disinfectant Spray (Extra Strength) 100ml

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  • White Factor Disinfectant is proven by international laboratories. Its antibacterial concept comes from human white blood cell antibacterial factor – Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which penetrates directly into the cell membrane of the pathogen and destroy the internal protease. It is 99.9% effective against bacteria and virus.
  • For detailed lab test report, please visit White Factor official website
  • Extra Strength applicable to the epidemic period, strengthen personal hygiene and epidemic prevention
  • Upgraded antibacterial power to be more effective against germs and odors
  • Faster antibacterial speed. Antibacterial power reaches 99.9% in a few seconds
  • On-the-go, carry it with you when going out to prevent getting infected
  • No alcohol and fragrance added.
  • Safe for Children
  • Best before: within 12 months from manufacture date (use within 3 months of opening)
  • Made in Hong Kong
White Factor
White factor is based on the core principles of peace of mind, health and environmental protection. It is hoped that white factor can become a health shield for everyone, resisting the invasion of various germs and away from the threat of infectious diseases. ‘White Factor’ is developed from the antibacterial concept of white blood cells in the human immune system.
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