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AQ Bio - Toddler's Formula 60ml

AQ Bio - Toddler's Formula 60ml

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Applicable age range: 0 - 6 years

Applicable to:

Air: Prevention of cross-infection

Face: Ringworm, eczema, and itching

Skin: Hands, diaper rash, and allergy

Necessities: Tableware, pacifiers, toys, diapers, sheets, and strollers

Usage: Spray directly on the air, hands, skin lesion, or contact surface of necessities

Function: Antibacterial, sterilization, anti-itch, moisturizing, damaged cell repair, and resistance enhancement

For serious skin problem or dry skin problem, use it with AQ GP200 and moisturizers to achieve better result.

Product Description:

It is a known fact that toddlers are more prone to common diseases due to their underdeveloped immune system. Sub-health symptoms are mostly induced by microbes.

The result could be devastating at times. Furthermore, bacteria and viruses are constantly evolving. Even adults have difficulties adapting, let alone children. Keeping the environment clean, healthy and germ-free will undoubtedly safeguard our children’s growth-path.

However, children skin and body parts are very sensitive. Prolong use of conventional chemical base disinfectant cannot be the sensible solution. AQ therefore specially formulate this toddlers’ formula, gentle to children’s body and yet highly effective against germs. Different from its chemical counterparts, the bio-formula is hard to be “decoded” by microbes and thus less prone to mutation and developing resistance.

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