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K's Kids - K-Magic 2

K's Kids - K-Magic 2

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  • K-Magic 2 is an all-rounded early learning electronic device to inspire babies' potential and enhance the kids’ physical, cognitive and social development, designed by international brand, K’s Kids.
  • Five different languages of educational cartoons are built in which include English, Japanese, Korean, Putonghua and Cantonese.
  • It helps develop 0-6 year old children’s logic skills and train their intelligence with fun interactive learning games.
  • It also comes with a physical book and plastic blocks which encourages role play.
  • Let children enjoy and learn in a safe and designated e-environment with K-Magic 2.
  • Music for Babies
  • Best selection of classical and modern music for new born babies till toddler age.
  • Sound of nature with slide show.
  • Sleeping time music with babies pictures.
  • Soothing heart beat sound with music.
  • Fantasy music journey with animation.
  • Built-in timer for 15 to 30 minutes enjoyment.
  • English First Words
  • Start with alphabets, numbers to higher levels.
  • 240 First english words for babies aged 1-4.
  • Words and pictures association.
  • Deepen the memory of learning by games.
  • Endless learning, endless fun.
  • Music Videos for Babies
  • Express yourself as you sing and dance with Patrick, Wayne, and Julia.
  • Dancing with music can exercise gross motor skills.
  • Every classic children’s song is familiar.
  • Mini concert can be held anytime, anywhere.
  • Learning Games
  • 384 Learning games for babies aged 2-5.
  • Educational games on visual, logics, senses, observations.
  • With 3 different levels of challenges.
  • Interaction on the touch screen.
  • Educational Cartoons
  • Built in 30 episodes of educational Patrick N friends cartoons to learn about Discipline, Creativity, Education and Emotion.
  • Multi-languages: English, Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Korean…
  • E-Books
  • 10 e-books for babies aged 3-5.
  • Interactive reading experience that enhances your child’s reading interest.
  • Covers different aspects, including emotional management, natural intelligence, and caring for others.
  • Breakthrough e-reading works with physical book, both for reading and playing games.

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