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Royal Essence - Pure Milkfish Essence with shark cartilage Gift Box (6 packs/box) 50ml/pack

Royal Essence - Pure Milkfish Essence with shark cartilage Gift Box (6 packs/box) 50ml/pack

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  • [ROYAL ESSENCE] has strictly sourced Taiwan's pure and healthy breeding environment. The feeding cycle for milkfishes is up to 4 months and ensure that there is no excessive feeding. The feed is certified by ISO and HACCP to ensure that no medicine or antibiotics is used. From fishing, offshore, processing to slow fire refining into milkfish essence, the whole process is lower than -18 degrees Celsius in logistics distribution and storage, maintaining the best freshness! The factory has ISO and food safety HACCP certification. During the process, every drop of milkfish essence is extracted without adding any water, and the fat has been filtered in order to achieve zero fat and zero cholesterol, then passed through Japan Original imported automatic filling and packaging, packaging materials without plasticizers and heavy metal laminated bags. After filling, it is sterilized at high temperature and can be stored at room temperature to ensure that it does not contain preservatives. It is safe to take, has no burden on the body, and can be completely absorbed nutrients. Products have passed international food tests which is taken by SGS company.
  • [Royal Essence] Pure Milkfish Essence is a great food for confinement, rehabilitation after illness, weak or old people and even for beauty purpose.

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