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DWINGULER - Double Sided Sound Play Mat and Talking Pen

DWINGULER - Double Sided Sound Play Mat and Talking Pen

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Korean brand Dwinguler's Double Sided Sound Play Mat can be used with Dwinguler's Talking Pen. It can inspire the baby's brain. It covers the learning elements like numbers, English, songs, and musical instruments and provide a variety of learning opportunities for your baby. Dwinguler's Talking Pen has 5 different volume adjustments. The soft music, sweet stories, 5 kinds of classical music can help the baby to fall asleep. The built-in Chinese and English exchanges give the baby different learning environment.

Non-slip and anti-collision:

  • The surface makes the play mat more close to the ground, not easy to slide and prevent the baby from slipping. The thickness and softness can reduce external impact and protect your baby from falling injury

Sound insulation:

Absorb the noise of the baby effectively

Front design:

Made in Korea

Suitable age: All stages of growth

  • Size: Large
  • Dimension: 2300 mm (L) x 1400 mm (W)
  • Thickness: 15 mm
  • Use the unique sounds to represent items that you can see in your daily life
  • Use the voice of animals to introduce different animals
  • Introduce the names of various instruments
  • Nursery rhymes designed with cartoon figures
  • Musical instruments and music

Back design:

  • Learn the numbers from 0 to 10
  • Nursery rhymes designed with musical instrument characteristics
  • 2 octaves
  • Can use the piano keyboard to convert other instruments
  • Compare positive and negative meanings and situations to inspire baby's sense
  • Use each letter to form words that are common in life
  • Introduce letters with the analog sound to enhance baby's interest in learning
  • Insert universal ABC songs


  • Different designs on both sides, with a variety of themes and bright colors, help to inspire your baby's creativity and enhance their interest in learning

Environmental protection and safety:

  • No harmful substances and protect your baby's health

Easy to wipe and wash:

  • The surface is waterproof and durable

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