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uPang - LED UV Sterilizer

  • 8 years No1 Korea Consumer Preference Brand! The new UV LED technology replacing the era of UV lamps. The lifespan of traditional light tube is gradually shortened due to long term use. But with the new UV led technology breaks through which is no longer a problem. UV Led have all the advantages of LEDs: Long life, low power consumption, high efficiency, mercury-free, lead-free, small and durable and can achieve real time light output. However, the LED only emits UVC light which is not visible to human eyes.
  • New model uPang LED 901 has:
  • 1. Total 9 UV led (6 on top +3 at bottom with 3 sides) to enhance the coverage of the machine itself. To make sure every coner can cover with UV LED.
  • 2. Patened 3D Sterilization-To achieve a true 3D sterilization effect, we have precisely calculated and irraditated all these siz independent UV lamps at a specific angle.
  • 3. Double door design
  • 4. PTC heating technology (to ensure material safety with low tempature drying)
  • 5. Huge interior space design (max can store 16 standard baby bottles at one time)
  • 6. Add Turbo (60mins) + Storage mode function.
  • 7. Made in Korea

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