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OTO - Ultra Back Plus (UB-78)

OTO - Ultra Back Plus (UB-78)

Life in Hong Kong can be stressful and lots of people addicted to smartphone & electronic devices. Fatigue at neck, shoulders and stiff back are common. OTO Ultra Back Plus (UB-78) simulation of human hand kneading and kneading & pounding massage, deeply relieves your stiff and aching muscles, fully relaxes your body and soul.


  • 3D rotating kneading massage on neck, simulating massage strokes delivered by human hands enabling an in-depth and meticulous massage
  • Special adjustable height neck rollers to meet individual needs
  • 10 rotating massage heads cover back and waist, offering you a comprehensive kneading and kneading & tapping massage experience
  • Dual airbags on waist and seat design
  • Seat vibration
  • Heat therapy helps improve blood circulation on neck & back, and intensify massage effect
  • 4 Auto massage modes
  • Removable cloak can reduces massage intensity
  • Easy-to-operate remote control


Rated Voltage                         AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Auto Timer                             15 mins
Product Dimension (Folded)     Approx. 450(W) x 235(L) x 785(H) mm
Product Dimension (Upright)    Approx. 450(W) x 480(L) x 785(H) mm
Box Dimension                        Approx. 810(L) x 235(W) x 490(H) mm
Net /Gross Weight                   Approx. 7.6 / 9.5 kg
In OTO, the 'O' signifies totality, and the 'T' signifies balance. We believe in living life to its fullest through the wonders of balance and totality. OTO products are dedicated to help people live better, and longer. OTO has four categories of products: Relaxation and Fitness products could keep bodies rejuvenated and vital; Diagnostics products could help monitor health, while Therapeutic products could alleviate pains and ailments.
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