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±0 Plus Minus Zero - Electric Griddle XKH-E010

±0 Plus Minus Zero - Electric Griddle XKH-E010


Electric Griddle XKH-E010

  • Just-right product appearance..
  • Great use for parties and gatherings..
  • High-power design, coupled with the extended U-shaped heating tube, is evenly distributed heat in a large area..
  • Independent temperature controller, adjustable heat from 160 degrees to 250 degrees. .
  • With different types of roasting pans, you can cook a variety of delicious dishes such as Japanese oden, beef shabu, Korean barbecue meat and so on..
  • Heat preservation function.
Plus Minus Zero
The ±0 brand is something of a symbol that expresses the idea of being “just right”. People naturally try identifying tools that fit in with their lifestyle based on their daily experiences. This is also a search one makes themselves for their own preferences. It’s a bit like gradually narrowing down the scope of the waver of your preferences, restoring them to the left when they waver to the right, and then returning them back to the right when you return them too far to the left. The sense of something being “just right” lies where your preference is decided.
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