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Zojirushi - SS Portable Pot 500ml

Sale Anti-bacterial
Zojirushi - SS Portable Pot 500ml


Light and compact "SLiT" design to keep beverages cold for hours

Double non-stick coating for better resistance against rust, suitable for sport drinks

One-Touch open with one hand

Include straw for easy drinking, especially during exercise

Stainless steel vacuum insulation minimizes condensation, keeping the surrounding and clothing dry

Ag+ anti-bacterial treatment on the mouthpiece

Easy-to-clean nonstick interior

The lid can be disassembled for washing

Whole body washable (Do not leave in water)

4cm wide opening, suitable for ice

Zojirushi Corporation began operation more than 100 years ago with the launch of its first glass-lined vacuum bottle - setting an industry standard for new vacuum insulation technology in an everyday household product and firmly establishing itself as a company which uses cutting edge technology to bring comfort, ease, vitality and affluence into the lives of its customers worldwide.
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