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TensCare™ - Sonic Stim 2-in-1 TENS and Ultrasound Therapy

Relieve pain
TensCare™ - Sonic Stim 2-in-1 TENS and Ultrasound Therapy


Sonic Stim combines two different forms of pain therapy: TENS and Ultrasound. TENS relieves pain by helping the body to release natural painkillers and by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain; while Ultrasound provides pain relief and promotes healing through heat production and high-speed Ultrasound Vibration.

Key features
• 1 program for Ultrasound therapy at 1 MHz
• Combined ultrasound + TENS programs – Ultrasound head is used as one of the TENS electrodes
• 1MHz ultrasound with maximum power of 9.6W (Maximum surface intensity 2.4W/cm²)
• Adjustable TENS Intensity
• TENS Frequency: 1-120Hz
• Easy to Use, design for home use
• 235g light weight design, portable
• Medical Device certificate CE0197
• 1 Years Warranty

Customers will be notified on delivery details within 7 working days from the day of purchase.

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