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Nestlé - NAN® INFINIPRO® 1 Infant Formula Powder 800g

Nestlé - NAN® INFINIPRO® 1 Infant Formula Powder 800g

All promotions including discounts or free gifts are not applicable to purchase of stage 1 infant formula milk powder.

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  • 5HMO^ Complex: NESTLÉ® NAN®INFINIPRO® selects 5 of the most abundant HMOs^ structurally identical to those found in mothers' natural lactating secretion. Research has shown that HMOs help support immunity.
  • B. LACTIS PROBIOTIC: A naturally active probiotic
  • pHF-W: this optimized protein blend is easy to digest, and it is treated with unique hydrolysis technology to reduce allergenicity of cow's milk protein.

^ 2'FL, LNT, 6'SL, 3'SL, DFL are types of HMO, not sourced from breastmilk.

Nestlé® is the Most Recommended Manufacturer for Allergy Prevention* among healthcare professionals. We believe that every baby should be free from allergy so as tonourish their every possible. Nestlé® NAN® leverages on 155 years of research & experience in Infant Nutrition to provide high quality nutrition for allergy risk reduction and promote babies’ healthy physical growth. Nestlé® NAN® will continuously support parents to take allergy prevention as one of the fundamental steps to safeguard babies’ long-term health.
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