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B&H - UVC Steriliser & Dryer and Multi Function Double Bottle Warmer Set

B&H - UVC Steriliser & Dryer and Multi Function Double Bottle Warmer Set

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  • b&h UVC Steriliser & Dryer/li>
  • PHILIPS UV Light – ensure complete disinfection up to 99.99%
  • UV to refract 360 degrees without dead angle sterilization
  • clean filtration system effective barrier from outside hazardous substances
  • Suitable for bottles, towels clothes, toys and wide range of everyday items
  • Storage capacity 7L (max: 8 bottles & accessories)
  • b&h Multi Functions Double Bottle Warmer/li>
  • Exclusive Function - Double Bottle Warmer, hold 2 bottles at the same time, save time/li>
  • Multi Function: Warm Milk, Quick Warm, Warm Food, Sterilise/li>
  • Warm Milk - 15-20mins. Warms milk quickly and evenly/li>
  • Quick Warm - 10-12mins. Shorten the time on warming milk/li>
  • Warm Food - around 8mins. gently and evenly warm baby food or Chicken Essences for moms/li>
  • Sterilise - Able to sterilise 2 bottles or bowls or small parts/li>
  • Upgrade function - Preset: able to set 30mins to 12hrs, time saving/li>
  • Extra large capacity, able to hold 2 bottles or others tablewares/li>
  • Auto-off: Automatically off if water have been evaporated or haven't use in 10hours/li>
  • Sound notification: When water have been evaporated, 5 'beeps' will occur before auto-off/li>

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