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RMK - Smooth Fit Poreless Base 35g


RMK’s new makeup base that makes pores invisible instead of hiding them. The Transforming Powder changes its shape freely depending on the type of unevenness such as pores and acne scars. It covers skin with a single-layered thin veil just like second skin, giving a silky and smooth finish. Effective use of light brings out the soft brightness and makes skin clear with less visible pores. The skincare ingredients give a silky and moist feel, while the light and smooth texture spreads over the skin, giving a fresh and half-matte finish after full application.

Color 02 Pale Pink (SPF5 PA+)
Red and silver pearls shine subtly in the pale pink base to add a bit of color for a bright and soft finish.

Color 03 Beige (SPF6 PA+)
For a brighter skin tone. Light beige for a soft and bright look.

Color 04 Healthy Beige (SPF6 PA+)
For natural finish. Healthy beige suits any skin tone for a clear finish with no dullness.

RMK is a unique cosmetics line that holds firm roots within the New York make-up artistry scene and is carefully brought to life in dedicated laboratories in Japan. Seasonal collections, a vibrant spectrum of eyeshadow, cheek colours and lipsticks, fresh scents, natural edible ingredients, technologically advanced foundations and skincare. All of these rich and diverse elements are carefully put together to create RMK, with every product designed to create a feast for the senses, is simple and fun to use and above all delivers professional results.
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