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KANEBO - Smile Performer (33ml x 4 sheets)


Create a lifted smile with a highly adhesive sheet mask.
Bring firmness and luster to your skin for a dramatic look. This sheet mask adheres closely and tightens up your jawline. It adds radiance and bounce to skin, creating a smiling impression. Adheres to the entire face tightly. Two lifters pull up the corners of the mouth, cheeks, and jawline toward the temples, creating an impression of a smile. During about 10 minutes of use, this sheet mask, saturated with concentrated serum that adheres tightly and follows the movement of the skin, does not easily loosen, slide, or peel off.

Kanebo Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Japan. In Hong Kong, we carry skincare and makeup products from brands like KANEBO, LUNASOL, ALLIE and Suisai, etc. The KANEBO brand offers skincare products that celebrate the inner hope and uniqueness of people proud of their individuality—embracing a message of purpose, expression, and diversity in an era defined by constant transition. LUNASOL is the master of color and innovation in makeup. A pioneer of the breakthrough Purifying Makeup approach, Lunasol discovered that modest rituals result in flattering beauty payoffs for your skin and spiritual self.
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