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SU:M37° - Secret Basic Skincare Set (Worth $2,546)

SU:M37° - Secret Basic Skincare Set (Worth $2,546)

To receive a complimentary 9-pc Deluxe Trial Set upon purchase of SU:M37° products at $1,500 (Worth: $1,065). One set for each transaction.

  • Time Energy Peeling Gel 40ml
  • Secret Balancing Toner 20ml
  • Secret Enhancing Emulsion 20ml
  • Secret Cream 10ml
  • LosecSumma Elixir Treatment 20ml
  • Summa Elixir Essence 8ml
  • LosecSumma Elixir Cream Lumiére 10ml
  • Water-full Deep Effect Ampoule 5ml x 2

  • Secret Balancing Toner 150ml
  • Secret Enhancing Emulsion 120ml
  • Secret Cream 20ml
  • Secret Balancing Toner 20ml
  • Secret Enhancing Emulsion 20ml
  • Secret Essence 12ml
  • Secret Eye Cream 6ml x 2
  • Secret Cream 10ml
  • Secret Multi Balm 7g
  • Secret Mask 3-Step Kit 3pcs
sum in Korean means ‘to breathe’; ‘:’ is a symbol of breath and awakening; 37° represents the optimal temperature for the human body and for the natural process of yeast fermentation to occur. su:m37° is the subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, and is the first naturally-fermented cosmetics range, adopting a formula that pioneers the concept of skin rejuvenation using organic yeast. The safe and gentle products are highly sought after by Asian women who admire Clean Beauty.
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