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Mr Fish - Milkfish Essence (RoomTemperature) 6 packs

Mr Fish - Milkfish Essence (RoomTemperature) 6 packs

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Mr Fish Milkfish Essence is rich in essential nutrition for humans, including high-quality protein, 18 types of hydrolyzed amino acid, calcium, collagen, taurine, polysaccharide, vitamins and minerals etc. Low sodium, zero cholesterol and zero fat. Also, all those excellent quality of microscopic protein molecules are easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body. Milkfish essence is clear and golden in color, the taste is sweet and not fishy. Many celebrities, bloggers and customers are highly recommended.

By adapting Ecological Farming technique, our milkfish are growing up with NO antibiotics, NO chemicals and NO growth hormone. Under 15 months of purification, extract the purest milkfish essence and the freshness of that brings the flavourful and delicious taste out.

Suitable For: Babies and children, Before and after surgery, Pregnancy, Prenatal and postpartum care, Elderly

Used For: Nutritional Supplements, Reduce Fatigue, Improve your community, Boost your metabolism, Improve circulation of cold hands and feet, Post-operation conditioning

Drinking method: Simmer the original package in 100-degrees hot water for 3-5 minutes

The tasting survey result with 173 users in Nov 2020 showed that 99% of the users were Trusted and Recommended Mr Fish; 96% Agreed Flavorful and Mild Taste Out; Felt Effectively Improved Mental Status and Enhance Immunity are 96% and 95% respectively.

Mr Fish have obtained 《3 Stars A.A Certification》 from Asia Pacific Anti Additive Association. The A.A Evaluation Process follows a rigorous to make sure that no five major additives are added in the production. Mr Fish’s product are guaranteed with confidence. Products and manufacturers have obtained SGS, ISO22000: 2005 and HACCP international testing certification.

Supplement during recuperation Note:

1. Please drink once after opening, do not refrigerate or freeze again.

2. This product contains natural materials. The taste and color may vary slightly depending on the catch in different seasons. Any precipitate is fish extract, please rest assured use.

3. Consumers with Gout, Hyperuricaicidemia, High Blood Pressure & Kidney disease are advised to consult your doctor before consuming.

4. Not to consume during fever and inflammation.

5. Not recommended for children under 6 months year-old. Age between 7 months to 3 years old can mix milkfish essence into food. 3 years old can drink no more than 30ml per day, and six years old or above can directly drink one pack.

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