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Mr Fish - Pork & Chinese Yam Baby Congee 4 packs

Mr Fish - Pork & Chinese Yam Baby Congee 4 packs


Mr Fish, the leading brand of milkfish essence launched a Baby Congee, which is the first company using milkfish essence, together with high quality rice and natural ingredients from Taiwan which is the Best Mother’s Choice!

Ingredient: Water, Ecological Milkfish Essence Extract, Taiwanese Rice, Pork, Millet, Cabbage, Chinese Yam, Fungus.

Suitable for: 6 months or above baby, Postoperative Recovery and Elderly.

Used for: Nutritional Supplements, Improve your community, Learn swallow and absorb every nutrition needs, assist the body growth and development.

Eating method: Simmer the original package in 100-degrees hot water for 3-5 minutes

Mr Fish have obtained 《3 Stars A.A Certification》 from Asia Pacific Anti Additive Association. The A.A Evaluation Process follows a rigorous to make sure that no five major additives are added in the production. Mr Fish’s product are guaranteed with confidence. Products and manufacturers have obtained SGS, ISO22000: 2005 and HACCP international testing certification.

Supplement during recuperation Note:

Please store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight to maintain the best quality.

This product is manufactured with advanced production technology, stored at room temperature. Please consume it immediately after opening.

This product contains seafood and wheat, please be aware of food allergies.

Standard Local Delivery

In normal circumstances, you will receive SMS with confirmed delivery date within 3 working days from the date of order. Goods would be delivered within 7 working days^.

If a single order includes products in different categories, we may deliver the products on different dates.

Click here for delivery arrangement.

^ the confirmed delivery date subject to the actual situation (including but not limited to inventory, transportation, logistics, etc.)

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