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  • Professional quality hand massage - unique tornado roller provides completely different massage feeling depending on the angle or moving direction, and realises professional hand massage quality
  • Patent technology# – 4D drainage system – The undulating rotational orbit giving a compound massage movement, in coordinate with EMS offering a 4D treatment
  • Wave finish – Wave cut finish of the 2 roller surgace will enable the rollers to fit on the skin perfectly
  • LIFT WAVE EMS* – uses wider range (Low + High Frequency) of wavelengths compared to conventional EMS, that is more effectively stimulates deep muscles
  • 2 modes – Treatment for Face and Body
    • Face Mode: Awaken your skin with comfortable stimulation and tighten facial expression muscles
    • Body Mode: Warm up exercise by stimulating deep inside
  • 4 intensity levels of EMS
  • USB powered, easy to use
  • Waterproof – IPX7

(# Obtain Japan Patent Office patent no.#5490968; Hong Kong Patents Registry Intellectual Property Department partent no.#HK1211201)

(* It has been confirmed by the Japanese third party (Chiba University) laboratory that, it can increase the blood volume by 3.8 times during treatment; it can increase the blood volume by 1.8 times after treatment.)

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