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Berndes Kueche Ltd. - Tornado Wok 36cm with Glass Lid (098113)

Sale Suitable for induction cooker
Berndes Kueche Ltd. - Tornado Wok 36cm with Glass Lid (098113)

You may redeem follow products with redemptional prices with purchasing any Berndes :

1) Redemption Price $368 : Bonanza Induction Sauce Pan 24cm with Glass Lid (worth $1,350) 

2) Redemption Price $288 : Mumbai Line Wok Pan 30cm with Glass Lid (worth $760) 

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  • Germany Berndes Tornado non-stick cookware series
  • Material: high-quality cast aluminum alloy
    Thick bottom and thin body with even heat conduction, reducing oil fumes
  • Base: Highly efficient magnetic induction 
  • The flame rises along the 24pcs of Spiral Flame Arcs at the bottom of the pot, allowing energy storage to control temperature and reducing cooking fume. It can also enhance even heat conduction to achieve energy-saving cooking more
  • Coating: high-performance three-layer non-stick coating - Swiss Ilag Durit Resist is applied on the surface of the inner pot
  • Excellent durability and wear-resistance, extraordinary corrosion resistance, easy to clean
  • 100% free of PFOA harmful substances, ideal for healthy cooking with less oil, less oil fume and low fat
  • Handle: Bakelite handles, heat insulation and anti-scalding
  • Ergonomic design, comfort grip
  • Lid: Heat-resistant and non-shattering tempered glass with stainless steel material, allowing to monitor the food during cooking
  • Heat source: induction (except 18cm saucepan), gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen
  • Suitable for dishwasher
  • Premium hard anodized technique
    Toughened body – Harder and more durable
    Resist abrasion and warping
  • High-speed centrifugal shot blasting technology
    Form a rough surface inside the wok; more wear-resistant and more durable
  • Special oil control technology, there are oil control lines (10 | 20 | 30 | 40 ml) in the wok to effectively control the amount of cooking oil and protect your health (just pour in cooking oil and tilt the pot body down toward the handle so that the volume of cooking oil is just marked at 0ml and the actual oil consumption ml)
Berndes Kueche Ltd.
BERNDES, a well-known cookware brand, originated in Germany and its roots go back to 1921. Since it was founded by Heinrich Berndes in 1921, high-quality kitchen tools have been produced. Nevertheless, they worked tirelessly on further developing the products. After numerous experiments with coatings for cookware in the 1950s, BERNDES was finally able to revolutionize the cookware market in 1976: the first non-stick cast aluminum cookware was born and with it a classic, the BONANZA® pan with a characteristic wooden handle. What started in a small factory in Arnsberg Germany has today developed into a globally successful brand. With the traditional it has acquired over the years of its history, it has just reached the milestone of 100th anniversary in 2021. New manufacturing process, materials, forms, techniques, and designs are developed from all of our accumulated experience. As before, quality and innovations regularly set new standards.
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