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RMK - Airy Touch Finishing Powder Set

Sale Exclusive GiftSet
RMK - Airy Touch Finishing Powder Set

To receive a complimentary Point Make up Remover 145ml & Clear Cream Soap 30g x 4pcs (Worth: $451) upon purchase of RMK products at $1,000. One set for each transaction.

  • Airy Touch Finishing Powder 8.5g
  • Liquid Foundation 15ml (Color 201)
  • Point Make up Remover 50ml
  • Marine Blue Spa Scrub 30g
  • Smooth Milk Essence 15ml
RMK is a unique cosmetics line that holds firm roots within the New York make-up artistry scene and is carefully brought to life in dedicated laboratories in Japan. Seasonal collections, a vibrant spectrum of eyeshadow, cheek colours and lipsticks, fresh scents, natural edible ingredients, technologically advanced foundations and skincare. All of these rich and diverse elements are carefully put together to create RMK, with every product designed to create a feast for the senses, is simple and fun to use and above all delivers professional results.
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