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Onitsuka Tiger - FABRE BL-S 2.0


The FABRE BL-S 2.0 is a new product based on the basketball shoe model launch in 1975, andis designed to bring the classic right up to date. The model takes its name FABRE from the “fast break” play in basketball. The shoe structure integrates the tongue and upper as one, so the tongue stays in place when the shoe is put on, and with a thicker molded insole that is more flexible and cushioned than the original, the FABRE BL-S 2.0 provides an overall more comfortable fit. The uppers are available in two styles: the suede adopted by the original shoe, or leather for a sleek-looking finish.

Onitsuka Tiger
In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS. The brand began with a commitment to promoting youth health, and since then, the Tiger stripes have become synonymous with one of the most world-renowned athletic brands. The legend lives on today in the fusion of Japanese heritage and modern flair. With designs ranging from updated classic silhouettes to refreshing new styles and collaborations with like-minded artists and cultural connoisseurs, the spirit of Japan resonates in each new collection of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, apparel and accessories.
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