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ALBION - EXAGE Extra Moist Eyes 15g

ALBION - EXAGE Extra Moist Eyes 15g

Intensively replenishes the skin with rich moisture, while restoring the skin's barrier function to plump up the eye area. It also promotes blood circulation and cell revitalisation to brighten up the eye area.
ALBION is the first known name for the island of Great Britain. Meaning "White Land" , the name is thought to be derivative of the White Cliffs of Dover, a region of the English coastline facing the Strait of Dover, known for stunning white chalk cliffs. The unadulterated beauty of the pure white cliffs, as polished with radiant clarity as they appear to be, is the source of inspiration behind our company name, ALBION, as we strive to deliver products that create skin that will be similarly admired for its ethereal beauty. Unlike typical skincare methods, ALBION has proposed the original 4-step " Milk First" skincare to maximize the benefits brought by our products. While enhancing self-protection ability of skin, it gives your skin radiance, suppleness and resilience.
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