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Swissnatürlich - Natural Fine Cloth Laundry Detergent x 3pcs

Swissnatürlich - Natural Fine Cloth Laundry Detergent x 3pcs

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SWISSO-Natural Fine Cloth Laundry Detergent is a cloth wash specially designed for baby's clothes, wool and cotton garments.

•It cares for baby's skin, providing a complete and gentle wash.

•To preserve the qualities of the washed clothes, you need not use fabric softener.

•Contains a blend of natural ingredients, suitable for baby and people with allergic skin

•Mild coconut oil, palm kernel oil and blend of natural plant oil provide excellent cleansing effect without irritation to skin when handwashing clothes.

•Does not contain phosphate or fatty-acids, mild to baby skin and avoid damaging fabrics

•Effective in washing milk stain and dirt away and eliminating stinky smell O-

•Does not tested on animals

•Softener is not needed

•Without harmful pollutant, environmental friendly

Marked with the BDIH Seal, Swissnatürlich restricts the choice of ingredients only to BDIH certified organic and natural plants such as plant oils, fats, waxes, herbal extracts, essential oils and aromatic materials from certified organic or wild harvested plants, with no petrochemicals, preservatives and SLS. Our Green Signature represents what we believe in and cherish. The four-leaf clover symbol signifies the key four values of Swissnatürlich: Faith, Hope, Love and Purity.
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