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Atelier Cologne - Figuier Andalou Candle 180g

Atelier Cologne - Figuier Andalou Candle 180g

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Figuier Andalou: A delicate summer morning in a spanish countryhouse Lighting an Atelier Cologne candle is an open door to refined homes with a soul. Our candles are an invitation to inspiring and inviting homes around the world. Indulge yourself with the sweet and airy feelings of lazy days in a Spanish Summer countryhouse with Figuier Andalou. Captured in the candle with the scent of fig leaves. Andalucía in June still offers sweet and mild mornings. The rays of sunshine are shy and caressing for a lazy moment. Barefoot on the fresh tile floor, one walks lightly around the house, still captivated by the comfort of the white sheets. From the patio, the scent of green fig trees invites to start the day in all delicacy.
Atelier Cologne
Established in 2009, Atelier Cologne is the first Maison de Parfum creating Pure Perfumes inspired by the legendary Eau de Cologne. For the first time, citruses are blended with the most precious natural raw materials for perfectly balanced creations and exceptional lasting power. Each Cologne Absolue embarks you in an emotional journey.
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