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Fissler - New Family Line Stew Pot 24cm

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Fissler - New Family Line Stew Pot 24cm

FREE Steamer 24cm


High-quality 18/10 stainless steel
- guarantee that the pots can easily withstand daily use and more durable
- easy to clean

Induction-compatible superthermic base
- optimal heat distribution and retention
- Time& energy saving

Tempered glass lid
- full view on food when cooking

Ergonomically shaped hefty handles in stainless steel
- the rounded transition inner wall for easy cleaning and hygiene

Convenient pouring rim
- transfer soups & sauces without dripping

Product information
- Stew pot 24cm/5.5L and steamer 24cm 
- Suitable for all types of stove, including induction stoves

Friendly Reminders
Before use: Please wash the pot and lid thoroughly with stainless steel cleaner and detergent, and further clean it in water.

Cleaning & care:
- Wash the pots in time with the remained temperature.
- For stubborn stain that is difficult to clean, please wash along the pattern of lines by using Fissler Stainless Steel Cleanser with scouring pad.
- Only low to medium heat is needed for the ideal cooking. If the pots are used on a gas stove, please make sure the flame does not go beyond the edge of the pot base.
- DO NOT store the vinegar sauced dishes in the pots for long. It can cause corrosion spots on pots as well.
- NEVER heat your cookware empty for too long. In case of overheating, switch off the stove immediately and allow the pot to cool naturally. NEVER remove the pot form the heat and run cold water over it immediately. Otherwise, the bottom of the pot may be damaged or detached.

Fissler was founded in 1845 by Carl Philipp Fissler in Idar-Oberstein with its successful story for almost 175 years. Today, the brand is one of the world’s leading cookware brands and stands for top “Made in Germany” cookware by State-of-the-art technology and precise manufacture. Fissler is entitled countless awards for design and quality over the years. Our products are manufactured by means of 9,000 complex production processes with extra thick and robust 18/10 stainless steel. With the breakthrough, superior quality and artistic design, we have been granted for more than 200 patents in the past 50 years.
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