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Sylvanian Families - Royal Carriage Set & Ice Cream Van Gift Set

Sylvanian Families - Royal Carriage Set & Ice Cream Van Gift Set

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Royal Carriage Set

- It is a set that you can play as a princess in a wonderful carriage room.

-An all-in-one set with a carriage-type room, furniture, accessories, and dolls.

-Open the side wall of the carriage to transform into a nice room.

-There are furniture such as dressers and sofas, as well as accessories such as tiaras and shoes, so you can enjoy the princess play with the included baby doll.

-If you play with the separately sold "Baby Amusement Park" will be even more fun.


Ice Cream Van

It is a set that you can enjoy playing at an ice cream shop with more than 30 colorful and delicious ice cream and accessories. It is a mobile sales car of pink ice cream with a rabbit motif. You can serve ice cream on a cone with a scoop and top it with chocolate. The chocolate topping is a cute ear type! You can make rabbit ice cream, cat ice cream, and panda ice cream by topping with various shapes of chocolate. The cone can be held in the doll's hand. The driver's seat of the wagon can be removed and used as a bench. Turn the refrigerator case over and it transforms into a seat! It can also be played as a passenger car with a maximum of 4 passengers. If you remove the refrigerator case, you can put away small items underneath.

Sylvanian Families
Since 1985, Sylvanian Families has been loved by many people around the world. It is a nostalgic toy range that attracts people from different age groups. Based on three concepts, Nature, Family and Love, children can explore the power of imagination and learn to care and share with one another. Sylvanian Families are there to help children acquire key social skills.
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