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MIKI HOUSE - MIKI HOUSE x Mizuno Kids Shoes(11-9402-821)

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MIKI HOUSE - MIKI HOUSE x Mizuno Kids Shoes(11-9402-821)


It is a collaboration Shoes of "MIKI HOUSE × Mizuno" that values the growth of children's feet.
Recommended Shoes that combine excellent design and functionality.

[Renewal point from the conventional model]

Part 1: Upper material (leather part)

Changed to nubuck-like artificial leather with short hair.

Increased strength with less fluffing due to friction.

It is easy to remove dirt and easy to handle.

Part 2: Insole "Ashiyubi Walking Insole"

We have developed an original insole for MIKI HOUSE SHOKO!

(1) Unevenness of the toes that can be grasped with the toes

(2) Structure that easily bends according to the bending position of the foot (back side)

(3) 3D structure that wraps the heel

(4) Toe fitting guide that shows the proper size immediately

(5) Print to prevent left-right mistakes

In Others, it also has the original functions of MIKI HOUSE.

-Flex sole: Designed to bend along the foot when the child walks. It is a function that supports correct walking.

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If a single order includes products in different categories, we may deliver the products on different dates.

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^ the confirmed delivery date subject to the actual situation (including but not limited to inventory, transportation, logistics, etc.)

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