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PAUL & JOE - Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03 30ml

PAUL & JOE - Moisturizing Foundation Primer 03 30ml


Skin-pampering, richly hydrating Renew MOISTURIZING FOUNDATION PRIMER has been updated to a “skincare primer” ! The new formula is composed of nearly 90% serum ingredients, such as Moisture Essence, four types of hyaluronic acid and orange flower water, for translucent sheerness and a graceful sheen suggestive of newborn skin. New ingredient, such as Moisture Powder, close-fitting oils and Cover Powder, improve the staying power and keeps close-fitting, richly moisturizing, moisture-sealing result intact for longer. Richly moisturizing yet lightweight, dewy, and comfortable to wear. PAUL & JOE’s proprietary ingredient Secret d‘Or2 smooths the appearance of dullness, tonal unevenness, and pores to deliver a natural-looking sheen, translucency, and dimensionality.

03: Translucent tone for an ultimately clear, innocent complexion. No UV protection function included.

Sophie Mechaly borns in Paris, France. In 1995 she launched “PAUL & JOE” as a menswear company, naming it after her two sons, and the following year , launched her womenswear line. The designs in her fun filled collection are permeated with a relentless “JOIE DE VIVRE” (the joy of life), garnering PAUL & JOE a well earned reputation as the brand that best expresses today’s Parisian lifestyle. In 2002, PAUL & JOE BEAUTE, a cosmetics line that faithfully encapsulates the brand’s philosophy of ‘fun-loving sophistication’ is launched. PAUL & JOE BEAUTE features retro modern packaging that projects a unique presence. Every product possess luxurious texture and color that makes each application a pleasure for the skin. There are also limited edition, individually packaged items- ‘ Collection Sparkles’ – that are linked with that particular season’s fashion. All of these PAUL & JOE ideas originated in the rich imagination of Sophie Mechaly.
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