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OneTwoFit - Fully-foldable Treadmill (OT178)

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OneTwoFit - Fully-foldable Treadmill (OT178)
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1. Fully folded design, natural wood grain texture
2. Humanized electronic control design, acrylic high-definition display
3. Extra long hand-held heart rate steel sheet to expand the measurement range
4. Compact high-penetration stereo sound
5. six-point suspension shock absorption system


Running area: 48 x 12.5cm
Expanded size: 146 x 75 x 10.5cm
Folding size: 146 x 75 x 140cm
Speed range: 1.0km/h-12km/h
Weight: 45kg
Max user weight: 120kg

We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of professional grade home gym equipment in Hong Kong. Thought innovative sports products at entry-level prices and high quality, OneTwoFit believe that we can improve lives through sports by enabling more people to experience the fun of home fitness.
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Customers will be notified on delivery details within 7 working days from the day of purchase.

Installation is not included. Please follow installation guideline for 6-step simple installation.

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