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OneTwoFit - Walking Pad (OT131UK)

OneTwoFit - Walking Pad (OT131UK)

Low in stock

1. Sports mode: walking, brisk walking
2. Less than 60 decibels, silent movement
3. Simple atmosphere
4. Every layer is carefully selected
5. Connect to the Fitshow LITE App
6. Mobile phone can also be a remote control
7. Convenient storage


Running area: 45 x 12.5cm
Expanded size: 153 x 63.5 x 15cm
Speed range: 0.8km/h-6km/h
Weight: 37kg
Max user weight: 100kg

We offer one of the most comprehensive lines of professional grade home gym equipment in Hong Kong. Thought innovative sports products at entry-level prices and high quality, OneTwoFit believe that we can improve lives through sports by enabling more people to experience the fun of home fitness.
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Installation is not included. Please follow installation guideline for 6-step simple installation.

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