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Suavinex - Hygge Baby S Welcome Baby Set

Suavinex - Hygge Baby S Welcome Baby Set


Hygge Baby Collection, a slow-paced lifestyle with a premium feel.

A very special and complete set welcomes new students. The Hygge Suavinex Welcome Baby Kit includes:

1) 360ml baby food bottle + 4 months with dense flow silicone round nipple: suitable for baby food and very large eaters.

2) Baby bottle 270ml +0 months, round silicone nipple with variable flow. 3 positions: The variable flow allows it to adapt to the baby's sucking rhythm just by rotating the bottle.

3) 150ml + 0 months slow flow bottle with round silicone nipple: perfect for the first few days of your newborn's life.

4) Pacifier with physiological silicone nipple 0 to 6 months: The flat and symmetrical nipple is always positioned correctly in the mouth with minimal pressure on the jaw.

5) Ribbon brooch + 0 months. Reversible design with maximum support.

6) Duo Nipple Holder: With two separate compartments to store two pacifiers. Both pacifiers can be removed and used individually.

7) Large capacity spoon + 4 months: Dishwasher safe.

8) Milk Dispenser: With two separate compartments for storing milk powder or cereals. Dishwasher safe.

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