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10mois - New Born Hamper (Boy)

10mois - New Born Hamper (Boy)

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Hoppetta Animal Parade 2-way sleeping vest, 6 layered gauze blanket (M) together with Bobo Bib

Hoppetta Animal Parade 2-way sleeping vest can either be converted to skirt or trousers. Just button up to turn into trousers, so that it is not easy to roll up when sleeping, reducing the risk of catching a cold.

The 6 layered gauze blanket undergone a pre-shrinking process, the concave and convex parts naturally form an air barrier, high air permeability with excellent moisture absorption. It can keep warm but can also ventilate air and sweat. It will bemore softer after a few wash and it is good to be used all year round.

The multi-function anti-drop clip can be used to secure the nipple, hat and handkerchief. With a small fringe charm as a design, the design is full of style, which can be used to suit different trends according to mother's preferences.

Bobo Bib has a stylish Indian design at the front with a towel texture at the back. The texture is soft, and it is soft for baby's dedicate skin.


Hoppetta Animal Parade 2-way sleeping vest x1

Suitable age: New born ~ 3 years old

Colour: Blue

Origin: Japan

Material:100% Cotton

Size:~ 58 x 35cm

6 layered gauze blanket (M)

Suitable age: New born ~ 3 years old

Colour: Blue

Origin: Japan

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: ~90x110cm

Bobo Bib x 1

Suitable Age: New born ~ 2 years old

Colour: Blue

Origin: Japan

Size: ~26×20.5cm, front~13cm neck, rim~27~30cm

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